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What We Do

Consulting in growing life

Protecting the growing plants against invasions of non-native pests, diseases and harmful plants by supporting National Plant Protection Organisations in statutory system approach to mitigation of the main risks in agriculture, forestry and nature.

Consulting in growing feed

Supporting safe import, production and export of agricultural plants used as natural feed and food, seeds or as ornamental plants. Providing with special requirements and additional declarations in phytosanitary certificates.

Consulting in growing food

Sharing experience in sustainable agriculture, good practices and integrated plant protection in plant production systems, including non-chemical, preventive and chemical methods, scouting, monitoring and prognostic methods.

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There has never been more difficult to import and export food of plant origin than in 2022. Especially, if we want to eat organic. Organic means working with nature, but also bringing nature with consignments. Which is banned in international trade.

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Fruits of Momordica (CN ex 0709 99 90) originating from third countries where Thrips palmi is known to occur are banned for import to EU, unless…

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EU Projects

Phytosanitary expertise given in integrating the EU legislation (new EU Plant Health Law and Official Control Regulation) into national law in several EU candidate countries, such as

North Macedonia & Serbia

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Training of EU inspectors

Training coordinator at BTSF Academy in the prevention and control of the spread of quarantine pests across the borders of the EU countries, currently Import controls, Contingency planning, Simulation exercises, New EU Plant Health regime, Plant Passport

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International events

Lecturing and writing about plant health, quarantine, integrated pest managment, sustainable agriculture. New risks, Travelling & Transport; Information and Legal systems; EU Data Protection (GDPR)

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The Latest News

  • EU lists of regulated plants and other goods
    In the EU, lists of regulated plants and other articles have been amended due to risk of quarantine pests. The lists shall be used from 11 of April 2022. Take a look, how this might impact import and trade.
  • EU lists of regulated pests
    Lists of EU quarantine pests and regulated non-quarantine pests has been changed from 11 April 2022. This may affect the import and trade of host plants and other regulated goods.
  • How to survey plants?
    The first EU guidelines for planning surveys of new and quarantine plant pests have been published in April 2020 by EFSA Plant health panel. Official surveys have been in place in EU Memeber States for two decades based on international standards. “How to organise a national detection survey?” is a question I have been often asked and provided answers.