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My past work

The author has two decades of experience in the regulation of plant commodities in international trade, and has even longer experience with the regulations and the field of plant protection:

  • phytopathology, plant health, integrated plant protection, including the sustainable use of plant protection products, biotic protection, observing the development of diseases and pests and forecasting optimal timing and methods of their control, as well as information systems contenct development and public awareness in the field of expertise;
  • international cooperation on drafting regulations in the expert working groups of the European Union, the European Plant Protection Organization and the International Plant Protection Convention in relation to the phytosanitary part of the WTO-SPS Agreement.
  • In 2018, she was certified as Data Protection Officer under the EU GDPR.

Most of her written work is recorded in the system COBISS, some articles are available online. Selected references:

More published expert/scientific articles from conferences…

Thanks, Mum and Dad to let my curiosity grow.

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